4.5.1 Hotfix is Live!

10/23/2014 Hotfix 4.5.1

Have a look at the fixes available with 4.5.1!

4.5.1 Fixes

  • The default landscape material now correctly renders on VehicleGame.
  • Fixed an error when using Hot-Reload with XCode.
  • Fixed an error when packaging projects on Linux OS.
  • Corrected bugs that occurred on Nvidia devices in 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Fixed an error while attempting to join a match of Shootergame while on Linux OS.
  • Fixed the UI in Shootergame to be properly masked on Linux OS.
  • Material Parameter Collections now work properly when called through Blueprints.
  • Mouse input has been adjusted to a more consistent and less sensitive state.
  • Resolved some issues discovered with retargeting animations with Epic compatible skeletons.
  • Fixed an issue with iOS certificate validation while packaging projects.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Nice Job! What an awesome team you guys are! Thanks!

Thank you much all at Epic for this great work.
So still 1go the update

Wow that was fast!

Can you expand on this point, does properly mean they act the same as instance params? I had an issue (my post here) with the parameters being reset when I play the game after modifying values in the editor, is this not the case anymore? Does the construction script now run using the values entered into the editor and no longer require duplicating into the Begin Play event?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this fixed for Windows as well?

Thank you very much.
Updating now. I hope this:

fixes the error i was having with a retargeted animation where the character goes below the floor (this doesn’t happen in the original animation)

Editor still crashes if hit the Stop button while a player pawn is unpossessed when PIE. Always; Is it just here?!

Nice of ya’ll to update on the last day of my sub. lol very nice! :smiley:

(just to check out if Maya LT will work better than Blender on model imports)(in the immortal words of ‘Arnold’ -> “I’ll Be Back!”)

I feel a lot better with a ‘.1’ at the end, I have a fear of Zeroes! hehe

Thanks guys n girls

I got an issue here after this update, my editor now starts automatically cooking content for launch sometimes from nowhere.

Excited to see improvements for retargeting! I have to note that still in 4.5.1, the retarget/duplicate workflow for differing skeletons (described here) will break looping animations by causing a jerk at the end of each sequence, which cannot be fixed by checking “Add looping interpolation”.

*Did a quick test to see

  1. Created new 3rd Person Template
  2. Clicked Play
  3. Ejected
  4. Clicked Stop

Working fine here, no crash.

How much space does the update require? I have 8GB free on my drive and its saying insufficient space, but gives no details. Thanks

Download is ~1.1GB.
After this hotfix my 4.5 folder is 12.2GB.

Thank you! After applying 4.5.1 hot-fix, hot-reload now works on correctly OSX.

We are currently investigating the issue with looping animation. Thanks

Hi DotCam,

The specific issue for Material Paramater Collections that was fixed for 4.5.1 was this: “Material Parameter Collections are not functioning when called through BPs, give a None error in PIE log”


Thanks for the quick update!
However,i have come across some issues:after I check or uncheck the metal/opengles in the project settings, the engine crashes when I hit the package project-----IOS.

And the mobile preview still cannot cast shadows on landscape while the real mobile devices can.

Hey hls,

Can you post the information for your crash on AnswerHub in the Bug Reports section? We’d like to see your crash logs and dump file for the project after this crash, as well as your system specs (dxdiag if on PC, About This Mac on OSX). Thanks!