4.3 preview collision boxes cannot be scaled

I have a mesh made with a number of boxes for testing. I went to add box collision meshes to it in the mesh editor. I can add multiple meshes ok, rotation and translation works fine on them, but scale does not. My boxes are different sizes so I want to scale the colliders to match. Not sure if this issue affects the other collider types.

is a simple malla dont need box collision

Thats not quite the point is it. I was adding collision boxes manually and they can’t be scaled. Which I know the Physics engine allows. So UE should allow it.

oohh ok I understand

Hi Zoombapup,

I just wanted to clarify a couple of things before offering my answer or assistance.

Are you only asking about adjusting the new collision feature in the mesh editor/viewer? I’m able to select any type of collision I’ve created and use the Rotation, Scale, and Placement modes.

I made something similar with multiple boxes like the image below to indicate

Again, just to be clear, this has nothing to do with blueprints or adjusting collision scale at run-time but just applying collision in the editor using the collision tools that are now available in 4.3, right?

Let me know, as I’m not seeing this issue with that but that doesn’t mean there’s not an issue that we can look into. :slight_smile:


all right?

The problem isn’t that the collision is wrong. The new 4.3 allows you to add multiple collision shapes (its typically called compound collision), the problem is simply that you can’t scale those shapes, even though you can move and rotate them.

Are you using 4.3 preview or source? Does it allow you to scale the boxes ok? If so maybe its a version issue.

yeah this is 4.3

Yes, this is purely in the mesh editor. I’m basically trying to add collision boxes for the FFA_BlockVista_01 mesh from the shootersample in 4.3 preview. As I say it works fine with translate and rotate. But for some reason won’t scale.

Repro steps:

Download and install 4.3 preview from launcher. Install shootergame and migrate FFA_BlockVista_01 mesh into a new project.

Open the project and click on the mesh. In the mesh editor select collision->box simplified collision. It creates a box that encompasses the mesh. I then try to scale that down and I can’t edit the scale.

It looks like I can’t scale any of the “simple” collision primitives. Box, capsule or sphere. I can get it to build a 10dop and then scale that just fine.

Cool! Thank you for giving me a specific mesh to test. I’ll take a look at that and get back to you in a few! :slight_smile:

I was able to export the model and get it into a clean project in 4.3 preview that’s available from the launcher.

I went into the mesh viewer and was able to edit the scale.The model is such a large scale though that it the scaling moves at such a slow rate.

I do notice that the scaling speed is completely different from the box/sphere collision and the DOP-simplified collision, which could probably use some improvements, especially with a model this scale.

I dont want to use per-poly collision though. Its just a bunch of simple boxes, collision shapes that are put together in a single actor.

Its the collision scale thats wrong Tim, not the mesh scale.

I made a quick video showing the problem:

Basically the scale gizmo doesn’t do anything for any of the “simple” collision types.