[4.3] Crash when moving objects in shadow

I have a recurring crash in the editor.

Level: MEGA

Broadleaf01 is my most recent addition to the level and probably causing the crash. It’s a Speedtree asset and is casting a realtime shadow on the assets I’m trying to move.

I went to nudge WaterPool2, Bridge14, Bridge11 and Bridge26 to cause them to regenerate their shadowmaps. Initially I was able to move WaterPool2, Bridge11 and Bridge26. Moving Bridge14 crashed the editor. Now upon reload moving WaterPool2 at all causes it to crash.

After 4 or 5 crashes I left the editor open while typing this post and now I can move the assets, so it might just be a just-after-load thing.

Hello, Antidamage.

It sounds like the problem is fixed now, but are you able to reproduce it? If every object you move beneath the shadow of a speedtree causes a crash, I can report the bug internally.



It’s okay! At least the bug isn’t bothering you any more.

As annoying as it is, I can’t reproduce it now, probably because the objects in question no longer have a baked lightmap. I’ll render it today and test it again when I come home.