4.27 vr.pixeldensity not working?

It seems vr.pixeldensity is not working in 4.27 ? Is there any workaround for this to set the render scale in UE4 ?

Many Thanks


Hi there,
I have the same problem.
The issue is that vr.PixelDensity is not implemented in the OpenXR plugin yet.
This affects the OpenXR implementation prior to Unreal 5.1 which is not released yet.

You can see though that there are 2 commits done in the current 5.1 branch:

I did not find any workaround to this and am now trying to build 5.1 from source and hopes it helps.

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There’s no workaround in 4.27 or 5.0. However we have implemented support for it in 5.1 like @B_REX mentioned!