4.27 template poor performance on Quest 1

Success importing 4.27 template level into a blank project and getting it to run!

Frame rates are good like you said, not sure about the physics thing, seems they are looking into it. Also not sure about the tone mapper thing.

I did my first build to quest 1 with the VRtemplate map. with statfps I get 29fps average? is that normal? it goes to 40ish if i turn off 4x msaa

having same issue

disabling all OpenXR plugins - works for me !

what a shame…

I’m on the oculus branch 4.27.1, but it all runs perfectly smooth for me. I also have ASW working correctly and that makes even greater jumps in performance

little build you can play with

what about the colors when it runs on the headset? Are they the same as you see in the editor?

the colors on 4.27 are closer to the lit mode. A teensy bit lighter. Personally I’m using all unlit materials. I’m attempting to toggle off the tonemapper subpass and see if that corrects my colors being too dark.

let us know if you figure out how to do that

what is this? Oculus maintains their own branch?


Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine: Unreal Engine source code with latest Oculus integration (

There are additional features and fixes available here that are not in default unreal repository

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nice, thank you, did not know of that.

33000 commits ahead? ugh! Any idea if it touches any non-Oculus stuff? Or does this stuff almost always get merged back into main?

There are changes to non-Oculus stuff that we don’t take into main, so don’t expect to be able to jump back and forth between them.

If you have plans to ship on other platforms we suggest you stay on main as we can’t provide support outside of it. The team won’t look at your report if you can’t reproduce it on main, which could put you in a difficult spot if you don’t have engineering resources available. Maintaining two branches or porting from one to the other can after months/years of development be difficult. Make sure you consider your options!

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep a watch on that repo, but definitely we want to stay with main trunk where possible. With our changes, it took a couple of weeks to merge up to the current main release, def don’t want to make it any weirder, especially not on other platforms.

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