[4-27] Multiplayer works on export but not on steam upload? Strange issue.

I have a multiplayer game that I built. I have completed my game. Exporting the game works and when I run the game from the extract folder I run into no issues when I go to create a new multiplayer lobby. However once I upload my game to steam that button does not work… It does not make sense to me why it would not work.


What does “does not work” mean? Can you provide more details?

When I run it from the export folder the game allows me to press the button to create a session. However when I press the button after launching through the steam game process from my library the button does nothing. The files on steam for the game are the same files in the export folder that were uploaded to steam.

Seems like it might be an issue related to 4.27.

Difficult to say but you know your project better than anyone so maybe google “ue4 steam issue 4.27” as a few results came up when I did this.