4.27 C++ Transition Guide

Dear Community,

UE4 4.27, Bink, Oodle and a whole lot more are here!!

You are welcome to post any issues you have, or questions, as you are upgrading your project to 4.27 here!

If you figure out any compile error solutions feel free to tell us about it in this thread so we can all help each out with the transition!

Victory to You!




Visual Studio 2019

As mentioned by Epic, 4.27 will be compatible with UE5 when it is released officially, and so if you have not set up VS2019 for UE5 yet then you will want to do that for 4.27.

I have a UE5 thread that explains this in greater detail here!


Several people, including me, are having compiling issues during building from source UE 4.27 Release (Development Editor, x64, VS 2017, Win 10): Building UE 4.27 fails due to missing Physx headers on Microsoft Windows - UE4 AnswerHub
Can you take a look, please?

I have the exactly same issue