4.27.1 Hotfix released

The 4.27.1 Hotfix is now live!

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Fixed in 4.27.1

Issue Summary
UE-116816 Sketchup Datasmith Exporter Messages window vertical resize changes size of bottom margin for message field
UE-117599 Sketchup - Updating material on Sketchup is wrongly affecting UE via direct link
UE-117644 Fix nested looping sub-sequences
UE-118438 Switchboard - nDisplay config can’t be clobbered during sync when build engine is unchecked
UE-118974 Duplicate sections in the .udatasmith when saving multiple times during the same session
UE-118975 Wrong actor’s label when subassemblies are instantiated
UE-118977 After importing .udatasmith in UE all materials instances are duplicated
UE-119375 Sketchup - Extensions exporter menu buttons and its sections are not localized
UE-119692 Level Snapshots - When a world object has fewer struct collection members than the snapshot object, struct members still show with data
UE-121388 Editor stop working after changing MPDCI type in nDisplay configurator
UE-121407 Crash in engine when secondary views are enabled with OpenXR on HoloLens
UE-121500 VP Templates show Win64 as supported Platforms for the BlackMagic Plugin
UE-121596 SolidWorks Datasmith plugin - DL - No update on parameters change (Color)
UE-121939 Vcam2UI - Take Recorder does not record or save properly and can produce corrupt takes
UE-121960 DisplayClusterConfigurationOCIOProfile variable type causes a crash
UE-124675 [Datasmith Runtime] Unnecessary blockage of GC when building of static meshes
UE-124717 4.27.1: Bump the version number for DS exporters and UE standalone installer
UE-124924 Replacing placed actor with another class causes error
UE-124969 Remote Control - Control panel and webapp values are not synced after rebinding a property
UE-125019 VPRoles not set by Switchboard
UE-125261 Simulcam Viewport video feed appears grainy / washed out
UE-125278 nDisplay replace texture working in editor but not on nodes
UE-126051 Cannot calibrate individual components of an nDisplay actor with multiple calibration points
UE-126112 Retessellate breaks material slot association
UE-126494 When launching via Switchboard and auto connect to MU session the sequencer MU buttons don’t work
UE-126571 Alias product version in Analytics is not reflecting the relevant information
UE-120460 Datasmith plugin - Archicad Export & Direct-link with hotlinks crashes Archicad
UE-123588 datasmith exported files end up with one master material per archicad material
UE-119881 wire import crash on file generated by alias 2021.3
UE-126643 Alias Importer: Alias 2021 is not compatible with UE
UE-117098 Hidden layers in SKP still exports geometry
UE-121427 Crash when attempting to load File Media Source using image file in Media Player
UE-121809 Datasmith Runtime metadata on scene objects is not imported
UE-129778 [Regression] Solidwork exporter - Scene elements badly structured now
UE-118373 Sketchup DS exporter - Texture duplication at export
UE-121414 DMX - sACN unicast isn’t received in the Editor
UE-121563 DMX Monitor changes ports when altering project settings.
UE-123655 DMX - Adding patches to DMX Library take recorder causes warnings to show
UE-123658 DMX - Fix a crash when a library asset is present but cannot be loaded, e.g. because saved with a newer engine version
UE-123693 DMX - Activity monitor triggers an ensure when user modify the universe range
UE-121562 Pixel Mapping fails in packaged build using Material or UMG source
UE-121810 DMX - UI for Universe view stuttering with specific scale
UE-121141 Effect of ColorCorrectRegions (CCRs) not being excluded when added to hidden actors or layers of nDisplay inner frustum.
UE-126298 Sequencer Playback Manager - pause / hitch on take recorder
UE-117679 nDisplay Nodes Crash After Lightmass Bake
UE-119954 Level snapshots don’t automatically re-populate if you change levels
UE-124739 Per Viewport CC Reset Button Zeroes out RGBY Rather than Resetting to 1.0
UE-118783 Light bake transfer killed MU server
UE-121191 Remote API - MIDI and Booleans seem to be bugged
UE-126043 nDisplay - Playback sequence doesn’t transact to nDisplay render nodes
UE-127644 CCR - Priority not transacting on nDisplay render nodes
UE-121443 Geometry showing incorrect perspective when rotated - nDisplay config
UE-121463 Output remap crash while saving ndisplay config
UE-121484 Stage monitor bad performance when dealing with high event counts
UE-121956 Switchboard unable to execute console commands
UE-122121 Unloaded classes fail to recreate
UE-123664 nDisplay/Editor crash when reapplying livelink preset during Multi User
UE-125926 Lens Tool taking 5+ minutes computing asset references
UE-121244 Level Snapshots - Crash upon expanding level snapshot
UE-118972 Exporting to datasmith does not save the mesh for a new assembly with new parts
UE-121528 Datasmith for Rhino Exporter Plugin Crashes when reassigning object’s layer
UE-116873 Sketchup - Stamp operation isn’t pushed via direct link synchronize
UE-117520 Sketchup - Dynamic component copies not sent via direct link synchronize
UE-117559 Sketchup - onClicks visibility toggles is not synchronized via directLink
UE-117638 Sketchup - Nested group visibility can’t be synchronized via Direct Link
UE-119372 Sketchup - Extensions exporter top menu option is not localized
UE-119446 Sketchup - Texture label repeated on export
UE-121524 Sketchup - Updating object color and resyncing via direct link does not change color on Unreal side
UE-125060 Sketchup - Folder visibility can’t be synchronise via direct link auto-sync
UE-121449 SOLIDWORKS: Changing Material and rebuilding leads to the partial .datasmith export
UE-119099 Match3 on Android closes without authorisation to the google account
UE-123751 Screen space shadowing performance is severely impacted when utilizing MSAA with the forward renderer
UE-127672 Playing audio from Niagara does not work in cooked builds
UE-120544 Unsupported’message doesn’t occur when enabling Dynamic Resolution
UE-120316 Packaged ShooterGame crashes on open silently with MacOS version error message
UE-119168 Crash while performing r.HairStrands.DebugMode 6 on the TM-HairAndFur level
UE-122320 Platform development blocked with Xcode latest build system enabled
UE-121844 Editor crash on Instanced Subobjects of an outer class in Class Picker
UE-123546 Scene is disappeared if mobile ambient occlusion is enabled in 4.27 on IOS
UE-126108 Update datasmith/dataprep plugins to take them out of Beta
UE-122385 Datasmith Runtime imported Datasmith mesh does not render normal textures correctly
UE-117105 Fatal error: /…/Runtime/OpenGLDrv/Private/OpenGLShaders.cpp] ActionRPG crashes on SHIELD Tablet
UE-126087 Crash loading a Niagara System when the project contains cooked content that references a Niagara Parameter Collection and Allow Cooked Content In The Editor is disabled
UE-118489 Crash interacting with the viewport -vulkan
UE-118689 Editor crashes when deleting imported hierarchy in the Rig Hierarchy
UE-120042 Crash when attempting change color from Parameter Default tab for MDL material asset
UE-120116 Crash on Linux QAGame when Mobile Preview(PIE) is used
UE-120997 Crash when attempting to overwrite an nDisplay Config via Content Browser import
UE-121394 Crash on Linux after start Python script for set a Level Variant Sets thumbnails
UE-121485 No class info found for replicated player controller crash
UE-121492 The editor crashes when reopening a Control Rig after undoing an import in that Control Rig
UE-121551 USD Stage - Receiving system crash when trying to replace selected actors with single animation skeletal
UE-121608 Crash after exiting Play in VR Mode
UE-123523 Crash when exposing nDisplay config root properties to RC Preset
UE-127245 Lidar - crash when importing some E57 files
UE-127354 Editor crashes when imported OCIO assets are interacted with
UE-127397 Crash editor after editing property of TwoBoneIK node
UE-122317 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-TextureEditor!FTextureEditorToolkit::HandleTabSpawnerSpawnProperties(FSpawnTabArgs const &) [TextureEditorToolkit.cpp:1581]
UE-118601 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-NiagaraEditor!UNiagaraNodeDataSetBase::SynchronizeWithStruct() [NiagaraNodeDataSetBase.cpp:307]
UE-120317 [CrashReport] FNiagaraScriptExecutionContextBase::Execute
UE-122306 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-OpenXRHMD!FOpenXRHMD::DrawVisibleAreaMesh_RenderThread(FRHICommandList &,EStereoscopicPass) [OpenXRHMD.cpp:2991]
UE-124664 [CrashReport] static void UE4Function_Private::TFunctionRefCaller<<lambda_f06ac80225d691667414e308847e98ee>,void __cdecl
UE-126021 [CrashReport] FColorStructCustomization::OnColorPickerWindowClosed
UE-126484 [CrashReport] static void DispatchCheckVerify<void,<lambda_d24db9228de6de8f00fd80737dd7cbe1> >
UE-126485 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Slate!const struct FSlateBrush * TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance<1,SCheckBox const ,0,FSlateBrush const * __cdecl(void)
UE-126492 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FSlateTextureRenderTarget2DResource::InitDynamicRHI() [SlateTextures.cpp:342]
UE-127174 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-KismetCompiler!static bool DoesTypeNotMatchProperty(class UEdGraphPin *, const struct FEdGraphPinType & const, const struct FEdGraphTerminalType & const, class FProperty *, class FCompilerResultsLog & const, class UClass *)
UE-120630 Cannot add DataInstance.Alive to a script graph until it is added through the Parameters panel first
UE-117923 Dataprep - Metadata Value tooltip text should be updated
UE-127201 Naviswork - wrong number version in runtime info.
UE-121815 Datasmith Revit plugin installer does not see Revit 2022 if it is the only version installed
UE-126064 DMX - Output Console - Fader labels do not rename properly
UE-120241 Long hitch and ensures when applying changes to a Script with disconnected Parameter Map pins
UE-124945 Data Interface User Parameter bindings are not editable on non-user versions of the DI
UE-127200 Moving or resizing the Sequencer window while recording a take breaks the recording
UE-125068 Numeric​Price of an item for In-app purchase is 100 times of the correct price
UE-124614 [Spatialization Plugins] - Audio output Doesn’t Sound Clear; Doubling Through Master Submix EQ
UE-121824 Crash clearing the Virtual Textures that a landscape draws to when sampling it with a Niagara System
UE-120478 Entering a cvar in Switchboard via Execute button does not save to list, entering via ‘Enter’ key does
UE-121224 Remote Control Web Interface Stacked Color Picker Reset not Functioning
UE-126575 Remote Control Template Breaking when CCR Position Transforms Exposed
UE-126877 Level Snapshot - Relative location filtering from result view doesn’t work as expected
UE-119732 Material of Skeletal Mesh does not render correctly when using multi-UV with ES3.1 and using Render Static
UE-121242 r.MobileHDR=0 and r.MobileMSAA=2/4 crashes on iOS
UE-129499 Broken CustomDepth for a translucent materials on mobile
UE-130685 Bringing up the integrated virtual keyboard on iOS 15 devices causes a crash
UE-116608 Creating your first Blank BP project loads into an empty level
UE-124984 LiveLink - Message bus sources are not working since recent modifications in Multi-user
UE-126588 UE Hang and eventually Crash after enabling Looping in the media track session of a lvl sequencer
UE-126199 Modifying a Mesh used by a Mesh Renderer can cause all existing instances of it to stop rendering until the System is manually compiled
UE-120702 Importing USD files with blendshapes doesn’t load correctly
UE-121398 NV12 format support for DX11 & DX12 RHIs
UE-129780 MU / Take recorder - record event is triggered before the sequence asset is transacted to nDisplay nodes
UE-121201 nDisplay - Output remap is flipped when using an external file
UE-114438 DisplayCluster Editor - Importing an nDisplay config corrupt components
UE-125142 Paused Sounds Do Not Have their Channel Map Updated Properly on Device Swap
UE-120942 Can’t create new Data Interface parameters through a Set Parameters module
UE-125087 HeightFog render error in DX12
UE-121493 Editor crash when ending take recorder take
UE-121909 Sequence - Camera export receives double transform from parent hierarchy
UE-119915 Game server failed to initialize with Steam when logging an Online Test Presence
UE-124709 Fix crash when ending PIE with seamless travel enabled
UE-125221 OSS Steam: FUniqueNetIdSteam FArchive serialization broken
UE-127661 GI bounces missing from static SkyLight.
UE-127669 Height fog removed in split screen when player1 is facing the opposite direction.
UE-123653 Unreal Engine deadlocks in AssetRegistery code on AWS when on a 4 core VM
UE-117439 Enable and verify raytracing on WinGDK
UE-126913 Unnecessary error warning firing when dragging in widget archetypes derived from C++ UserWidgets.
UE-121160 Landscape Distance Fields artifacts using DX12
UE-124700 UBT crashes on Mac if a project includes the Launch module as a dependency
UE-126786 ImgMedia does not build on Mac
UE-126882 Engine.Emitter.SimulationPosition is not correct for Emitter Spawn and Update stages
UE-109049 Compile on load crashes for classes within an abstract class
UE-116743 UVs editing dont update from Rhino using direct link
UE-121950 Saved MRQ deactivates sequences after render finishes.
UE-124540 Sketchup: Autosync does not take effect on color / material change
UE-121781 MediaFramework - Webcam Video input shows as black in Media Player
UE-125141 Fatal Error: FMallocBinned2 Attempt to realloc an unrecognized block when exiting a packaged game that has the Bink Media plugin enabled
UE-122125 USD - Kitchen Set scene importing with 900+ meshes
UE-116230 Static Mesh - LOD Groups - Reimporting LOD Group prompts a Popup Window to clear LOD Group
UE-125906 Android Vulkan SM5 crash at startup
UE-127910 iPhonePackager code signature not supported by iOS 15
UE-117500 Out-of-bounds read caused by improper return size from FSocketSteam::RecvFrom in Unreal Engine
UE-87625 Graphic Corruption appears rendered to the left-eye during head movement on a packaged Quest build of TM-StereoLayers-GearVR or TM-MotionControllers
UE-103190 Compute Weighted Normals Checkbox not updating on Reimport
UE-110249 MoviePipeline: Disabling Auto Exposure in Project Settings not respected
UE-114069 Occasional crash when attempting to in-app purchase on Android device
UE-116304 Remote Control Preset - Selected Group should be highlighted
UE-117754 Mistyping in StringArray category upon creating a new custom Dataprep filter
UE-117886 Rebuild MTLPP as Universal 2 binaries
UE-117917 Module behaves differently whether emitter is set to CPU vs GPU mode
UE-117933 Content Browser doesn’t refresh when creating Data Table from Data Prep editor
UE-118065 Two select outlines are shown when selecting Lidar points
UE-118267 Select overlapping actors does not select actors that are fully inside over actors
UE-118534 Remote Control API - WebApp should use preset id, instead of name
UE-118626 Media Track looping section not updating media after its initial loop
UE-118788 Validation error when trying to create sRGB textures at startup
UE-118813 Editor freezing after dragging AnimInsights utrace into the insights window
UE-119232 Remote Control API - if numeric value is invalid, json is not valid
UE-119377 ARCore plane orientation isn’t handled in platform agnostic AR API
UE-119581 Can’t zoom and pan to accurately select point during nodal calibration
UE-119666 Crash when importing FBX through Editor Utility Widget
UE-119685 Level Snapshots - Collections do not appear when world object’s collection property has no members but snapshot’s object’s does
UE-119752 USD Export/Import and Adjacency Buffers
UE-119760 Level Snapshots - Checked States of nested scene components are not updated when unchecking actor group
UE-119795 Menu button is missing on Mac UI in the Timing Insights tab
UE-119873 Viewport shakes when Color Correct Region properties are set to extreme values
UE-120160 Rendering from the Movie Render Queue at runtime while using the current level will fail, even when the levels match
UE-120178 Changing the Normal Import Method on a mesh is not repected when the uasset is re-imported.
UE-120191 Import a Static Mesh with High Detail LOD seems to force Compute Normals and Tangents no matter the GUI setting
UE-120401 Viewport’s OverlapOrder parameter doesn’t work
UE-120483 Movie Render Queue does not render letterboxes to exports with sensor aspect ratios between 16:9 and 1:1
UE-120525 Project Settings’ link in Android Android Developer Page on Iconography links to a 404 webpage
UE-120826 USD CineCamera USDStage xform
UE-120886 Collaborative Viewer - dataSmith Run time only in Fly Mode
UE-120893 MotionController Device Visualization controller models aren’t aligned 1:1 with their physical counterpart
UE-120925 USDStage - Inconsistent Behavior Saving Animation on USDStage Actors back to USD
UE-120991 Assertion Error Thrown when client using Epic Online Services uses the quit button while in a match
UE-121012 Hang On Cook in Audio Capture Timecode Provider
UE-121089 Water_Material crashes editor when adding Scene Depth Without Water node
UE-121158 Mobile preview with r.MobileMSAA=4 shows a black screen due to mismatched backbuffer and offscreen target format
UE-121235 Start in VR crashes when Oculus headset is worn on startup
UE-121239 GetMotionControllerData returns OpenXR for device name
UE-121245 Ensure when Edit Layers for a landscape is enabled on Linux
UE-121327 Remote Control Preset - Crash when packaging project
UE-121340 HQ Noise Map artifacting due to reflection capture in forward shading
UE-121361 DebugDrawHelper memory leak in editor
UE-121372 Niagara Crash : ExportParticleDataToBlueprint module causes buffer overrun
UE-121399 Goldenpath Project - Level Snapshot Load/Save filter is not displaying filters already made
UE-121491 Editor freezes/becomes unresponsive after rendering through MRQ twice with Overwrite Existing Output disabled
UE-121508 Class Viewer Doesn’t Show All Available Classes In Project
UE-121592 Variant Manager handling of FRotator is broken
UE-121846 EngineTest GLES Assertion failed: StructuredBuffer->GetStride() == 16
UE-121867 Failed to read file warnings for files in …Editor/Slate/Niagara folder
UE-121870 Datasmith Tessellation does not work as operator in the visual dataprep
UE-121925 VPFullScreenUserWidget crashes when loading another level
UE-121932 Switchboard - Device with same IP address as Switchboard should also be eligible for MU server rebuild
UE-121959 VR Template: Projectile travels through Static geometry
UE-121978 Packaging IPAs over 2GB fail with iPhonePackager
UE-121979 mobile deferred shading doesn’t work correctly if pre-pass is enabled.
UE-122061 Broken OpenXR API Layers after installing Vive Pro Software
UE-122111 OpenXR Play Area Bounds data is inverted
UE-122123 Tangent is divided twice by Decimal Rate when importing animation from FBX in Sequencer
UE-122124 Curve interpolation settings are forced to change from User to Break when importing animation from FBX in Sequencer
UE-122158 Ensure on renaming DataInterface parameter in scratchpad
UE-122197 NiagaraDebugger shows same value for all instances
UE-122198 SampleSplineRotationByUnitDistance crashes when used
UE-122226 Images Rendered out by Movie Render Queue has much more visible Banding issue in gradient
UE-122382 Race condition when displaying a stereo layer on the Oculus runtime
UE-122383 Performance Issue with Ribbons
UE-122401 User can not override cube texture sample
UE-122409 Ensure in MovieScenePropertyTrack when packaging
UE-123536 WINAPI_PARTITION_GAMES dependency on .\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\Windows\DirectX\Include\d3d12.h
UE-123543 PixelStreamingKeyFilter is only one letter works.
UE-123554 GameplayCameras plugin LoadingPhase is too late in 4.27 preview 4
UE-123593 Update ARCore SDK to 1.22.0
UE-124607 Editor crash when disabling looping in a nested subscene
UE-124615 Handheld AR template not available in AEC and Automotive project categories
UE-124649 Incorrect ZLib compression block size on GDK platforms
UE-124679 Assert in FVulkanDevice::FVulkanDevice() on Linux w/ Mesa
UE-124682 take recorder only recording 24fps
UE-124737 Sequencer KeepState behavior can produce unexpected results in low-framerate situations
UE-124766 Fix incorrect functions being called for restoring custom subobjects
UE-124813 MoviePipeline: Locked master sequences cause shot-section active states to restore incorrectly
UE-124918 Specular artifact on IOS if SSAO and MSAA are enabled.
UE-124929 Unloaded class is not loaded when recreating snapshot actors
UE-124962 Shading normals on foliage instances are incorrect
UE-124999 Actors from removed / unloaded levels crash when restoring
UE-125276 Test Automation - Filtering out dev content is not working anymore
UE-126027 SN-DBS fails to retry task on transient failure like disk space error
UE-126116 Camera Calibration - Static Analysis Warning
UE-126171 Niagara script DDC Key invalidated by parameter definition link state
UE-126582 PinName for Niagara Stack/Select nodes are localized
UE-126694 Optimize blit operations and improve GPU utilization on Apple Silicon
UE-126699 Phat: Ctrl+a selecting in the skeleton tree of physics asset not showing result in the details panel
UE-126831 Take recorder doesn’t stop or finish fully if the panel is not focused
UE-126885 Cannot Set Transient Namespace Parameters from Stack Set Parameters Module
UE-126896 Race Condition in UBT When Detecting Outdated Actions
UE-126986 Easyblend projection doesn’t pickup origin parameter
UE-127033 UDN: Ensure fires randomly when playing the game
UE-127045 The Documentation URLs for our Datasmith plugins in the UE Plugins window are incorrect
UE-127110 Remote Control Panel - Open details button sometimes needs to be clicked twice
UE-127113 Reduce size of OpenXR device assets
UE-127118 Always show Light needs to be rebuilt after building light
UE-127175 Add character conversion to avoid player name character errors
UE-127199 USD - UDIMS are not loading
UE-127279 Pressing ‘l’ should play forward at the initial speed when the sequence is not playing
UE-127437 Crash when cooking Skeletal Meshes with MorphTargets who’s target is not the running platform
UE-127444 Remote Control - Remote Control servers are started automatically in - game which causes issues when launching the editor with switchboard
UE-127451 need to make some private header change for AMD’s FSR plugin coming in 4.27.1
UE-127643 Viewports render target cleaned up after copied to the BB texture
UE-127646 Dome projection policy crash
UE-127698 Inconsistent results with groom decimation
UE-127962 EHMDTrackingOrigin Enum isn’t used correctly
UE-129046 Fix crash when re-instancing BP after running incremental GC
UE-130723 Building for iOS using Xcode 13 causes Unsupported Legacy Build System Error