4.26 Water System in VR? Haven't gotten it to work properly yet

It seems pretty easy to set up but I haven’t gotten it to work in VR. I tried the ocean and river. I took the Gerstner wave count down to 2 (apparently what is intended for mobile). Using my vive it does a weird blocky thing where quads kind of strobe. Completely unusable. Looks fantastic outside of VR… Anybody figure out a setting to get it to work in VR?

got the same problem with oculus rift s

Try to switch off Settings->Engeene->Rendering->VR->Instanced Stereo.
But wits small lake I get drop down FPS to 45 (((

i havent used the new ocean stuff yet, but you can also make your own watermaterial with waves you just use the gerstner wave formula directly it works pretty good on my quest so far

Hi dupdup, did you manage to get it working in VR finally?