4.26 water foam

I am trying my hands on the new water feature. though I am having a hard time getting the foam to work.
Or rather, I am not seeing any foam what so ever.
I want some ocean shore foam, but I cant get anything to work - foam wise.
Any ideas?


I think right now there is no real support for contact foam or waves near the beach. These addition would be awesome! The thing you saw in the demonstration video (with the foam on the rocks) was a custom piece of Niagra particles, if I’m not mistaken.

If you open up the water material of the ocean asset and then do a search for foam, you will have all the foam attributes,
you also need to place the BP_FluidSim_01 into your scene, there you have the option to use Ripple solver or shallow water under the simulation section, I can only get Ripple solver to work so far, next you want to make sure simulate wave foam is ticked, then you can set your play mode to simulate and play with the foam settings in the material to see shoreline foam, it’s not a particle effect, but it’s something and it doesn’t look too bad tbh.

on the new Unreal engine 5.0.1 I can’t seem to make foam working? Are there anyone that got it to work ? I tried a this video but didn’t work sadly…

Hi there, I tried for more than a week to solve the foam problem and add some sort of fluid simulation, with very little result. I think the BP_FluidSIm_01 is no longer working/bugged at this point. I could use it but with very unstable results. However, if you just need to add a bit of foam for visual reasons, I discovered that you can do that by double-clicking on “Water-Material_Ocean” and editing parameters in there. If you find some more consistent way on doing all of this, I’d be very grateful if you could share it. Thanks.