[4.26] Volumetric Clouds actor Z order


I’m fairly new to rendering in Unreal Engine and I’m currently playing with the new volumetric cloud Actor in 4.26
While trying to use it to create a cloud layer for a planet, I have this problem :

The shadows are projected correctly onto the sphere of the planet, but the volumetrics cloud actor itself seems to be traced behind it. The 2 tracing distance params in the actor are maxed out.
Is it a limitation of the engine or do I miss something ?

Thanks !

Hi @keitaror,
This is a bug I have also found and fixed last week actually. Thanks a lot for reporting nonetheless! So with the next update it should go away.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye for the next update !
I noticed the same behavior with one of the raymarching blueprints shipped with the engine (BP_PreviewVolume). If you get farther enough and you have geometry behind it, the geometry starts to render on top of the blueprint.