4.26 Sun Bad Quality and flickering

Hello there,

i’m tyring to setup an basic sky system. But how can I increase the quality of the sun?
As you see in the srceenshot, the sun has a very low resolution and is flickering.

Basicly I try to archive a look similar to https://youtu.be/SeNM9zBPLCA?t=175

Experiencing the same problem. No idea how to fix it.

Same here… i also played with the scalability options… nothing changes, still very bad quality :confused:

It should not be like that indeed. If you load the default time of day level if should be smooth for instance (unless there is a bug somewhere)

My guess is that you are using a sky dome material and using the node **SkyAtmosphereAerialPerspective **to get the sky luminance? That is the low resolution texture aerial perspective texture meant to be sample on transparent object (it also has grayscale transmittance in the a component). For the higher resolution sky luminance you should use SkyAtmosphereViewLuminance. The resolution of those luts can also be tweaked with cvars per project/platrofm if needed (for instance if useing volumetric shadow within the atmosphere)

Also to get the sharp sun disk form skydome material graph, use SkyAtmosphereLightDiskLuminance. It is all in the online documentation :wink: , or you can also use Material’/Engine/EngineSky/M_SkyTimeOfDay.M_SkyTimeOfDay’ as an example to follow.

I hope that will solve your issue.
If you think anything is missing from the documentation then please send suggestions: we try to be exhaustive but it is also possible that we have missed some details in the process.

What actually caused was the lightshafts of the light-source (sun).

The sky worked totally correct.

Is there a way to improve the lightshafts quality near the sun?

I had the same issue with a low-resolution tiny flickering sun. I’m attaching a screenshot of the issue in SkyTimeOfDay:

I resolved it by resizing my viewport. Basically I was using a 1080p display and used the Windows split screen feature to dock my editor on one side and the blueprint editor on the other side, so the viewport effectively became quite small. Still weird to have this; struggled a lot with trying to figure out what is going on. Documentation does not mention any such constraint on the viewport.

Incase it helps, I was using a GTX780.

Solved it by decreazing Bloom Max Brightness to 3, having more than 5 was causing flickering

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