4.26+ Seams in raytraced AO when stitching images

We’ve encountered and issue that seems to have shown up in 4.26 and is still present in 4.27. We are rendering multiple images that are stitched together for panoramas. Previously it worked fine but now we are seeing seams where the images meet up. It seems to be coming from the raytraced ambient occlusion since areas where AO is more prominent have stronger seams, brighter lit,flat areas have no seams, also disabling the raytraced AO removes the scene.

I’ve looked through the release notes for 4.26 and can’t find any noted changes to AO or any other effects that I think might be causing this, but something has certainly changed. Was hoping someone here might have some insight as to what has changed or how to resolve it.

my backup plan is to adjust our camera so that the images have overlap and then cut off the overlap when we process the images, but I’d rather avoid that if possible.