4.26 performance

Has anyone noticed worse performance with the 4.26 version. I have like 10 fps less in the same map, compared to 4.25 version.

Yup, same thing - 10 fps drop for no reason.

Here is the comparison. The first photo is from the 4.26 version.

In the 4.26 version “shadow depths” count is higher, and “visibility commands” is much higher. I don’t even know what “visibility commands” is.

4.26 is shipping with most heavy post processing, shadow filters, and sky effects turned on by default now.

It’s very visible how much better default scenes are rendered when compared to 4.25 and earlier.

Usually it’s Occlusion Culling tests.

I’m very curious about this. Do you have any more detailed info? I’d very much appreciate to see which graphics variables have been changed from which to which values from 4.25 to 4.26.

I don’t know about config vars.
I look at default mannequin level on 4.26 and motion blur is better (maybe just better code), shadow filtering and resolution is better, reflection captures are better, antialias is better, etc.

Also seems like editor adaptive dpi scale is turned off by default on 4k display, that could be the main reason why it looks much better on my screen. It’s rendering on native 4k.

I don’t know, i didn’t notice any difference except performance loss.

That alone could be the reason for the performance difference, however if something changed, then it will definitely be visible in cvar defaults. I’d really like to know that in case I’d want to get pre 4.26 performance back for some reason.

If it defaults to the new gen5 TAA that may explain the 10% (should show up in frame timing graph).

edit: looks like gen4 is still default, so that shouldn’t be it

Something changed for sure, it’s just not clear what exactly Epic have done. I have been testing so much code within the default mannequin + stairs scene that, when I launched 4.26 full screen, and ran around I instantly noticed the difference in visual quality.

Or am I seeing Shinigamis :eek:

My Spline based blueprints that run on event tick are now dropping performance down to 20fps. In previous versions, it was running at max fps.

My friend also confirmed this performance loss, about 10-15 frames.

I’ve noticed a big performance dip as well.
Project used to run at steady 120 FPS, with 4.26 it’s at around 90-100

More worryingly, non GPU stuff has taken a nose dive as well.
I have a path finding and map update functions that run twice as slow compared to what they used to…
It’s extremely frustrating

Same here. 20 FPS drop in 4.26. Also having an issue where the scalability settings are unresponsive. Shadows are behaving differently as well. I really just need the new water materials. I wish I could just take that to 4.25. Hopefully they release an update that fixes the performance issues.

I’m sadly seeing a considerable drop in performance as well after making a direct copy of a 4.24.1 project to 4.26. At 4k resolution (or 200% scalability on a 1080p screen) my framerate was near 60 FPS at any given time, where in the new version reduced that by almost 20 frames.

Since it was mentioned that shadows are supposedly higher quality in the new version I tried to disable the directional light, which brings me closer to 50 FPS, but even with that it’s still worse than in 4.24.1 with all things enabled. Are there any different console variables from the previous versions that would cause such a massive performance drop?

Are you using dx11 or 12 ?

Using DX11 here. DirectX12 is considerably worse, with performance of this shot hovering around 25 - 30 FPS at 4K. Going to test Vulkan tonight, then giving 4.25.4 a shot, which I had skipped entirely so far.

You should definitely grab some Render statistics in 4.24 and 4.26 and compare them. You could post the Results here.

Same issue. :frowning:
4.25.3 60~65fps
4.26.0 45~50fps