4.26 Packaging for winfows64 failed

Log.txt (94.6 KB)Hello, my packaging is failing. I have a brand new landscape 6464 11 section and 32*32 components. There is a lot of warning in the output logs because of references broken. I dont know how to solve references. I have some folders imported from market place with things i have been deleted in.

Help please i’m completely stuck.

there is the logs: [ATTACH]temp_211209_1610372795361_521[/ATTACH] Log.txt (94.6 KB)

Hi, I quick search for ‘Ensure condition failed: !FPackageName::IsShortPackageName’ brought me here, which suggests that there may be an issue with a package.

The errors before at the end of the log, these here

LogCook: Warning: Failed to move path 'C:/Users/Joxxxd/Desktop/mystic_world/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor' for async delete (LastError == 5); falling back to synchronous delete.
ProcessResult.StdOut: LogCook: Warning: Failed to asyncdelete directory 'C:/Users/Joxxxxd/Desktop/mystic_world/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor'. LastError == 32.
ProcessResult.StdOut: LogCook: Display: Sandbox cleanup took 1.413 seconds for platforms WindowsNoEditor
ProcessResult.StdOut: LogCook: Warning: Unable to find package for cooking /Game/GenericRadialMenus/Blueprints/BP_GRMGameMode
ProcessResult.StdOut: LogCook: Warning: Unable to find package for cooking /Game/GAME/Behemoth_island/weapons/elementBlades/BP_elementBlade
ProcessResult.StdOut: LogCook: Warning: Unable to find package for cooking /Game/GAME/Behemoth_island/Interactive/Ladder/Ladder

…suggest that there is a problem with deleting the temp folder content. This can happen when you have a file still open from these folders. Perhaps check this, also delete the content of the Saved/Cooked/ folder.

Also, if you say you deleted content, perhaps not correctly, something in the project appears to still look for

  • BlueprintsBP_GRMGameMode
  • weapons/elementBlades/BP_elementBlade
  • Interactive/Ladder/Ladder

If you deleted it from the explorer, perhaps it is still inside the RecycleBin, restore these files, othewise it could be inside the saved folder, or perhaps you have a backup.

Thank for the answer.

it don’t work however i delete save/cooked/* .

There is a message about softObjects named “NoneNone”. I never created this so this is part of the engine content.

I have readed on some posts they have the same problem with 4.26.

And is there a way to delete the bad references witch are targeting things completly deleted.

for example “DynamicVolumetricClouds/*” was added from market place and i completly deleted from editor and nothing in my project reference it so why is there a warning about referencing it ?

Can you tell me which file is responsable of the references so i can delete it?

If you search for this problem, you are not alone, it may turn out to be an engine bug. But I only know that you are not the only one with this issue.

So the thing with references is, you need to make sure that there are no active references pointing to the content you want to delete, otherwise you get related errors. To check if something references something, right click and select ‘View References’.

Also after you have moved content, righclick the old folder and select ‘Fix up redirectors’ - this is very important, it cleans up redirectors.

To fix your redirectors I suggest, re-install the packages, then fix up redirectors, check if nothing references it, then close the editor and delete un-referenced content from explorer. If there are still reference errors, create files in the related file path, then try again after checking reference view list (right click).

Thank for the answer i have learned a good thing.

But the problem is still here the packaging fail because of SoftObject.cpp