4.26 noise issue


I got massive noise in the editor view after restarting the editor:

Video of the noise: [video]https://streamable.com/3s5q78[/video]

What I did:

I created a new project in UE 4.26 and everything was fine. I deactivated the Android and IOS plugins while the editor was compiling the shaders. I restarted the editor after the shader compiling finished. After the restart I got the massive noise. The editor automatically recompiled the shaders after the restart. The noise was not gone after recompiling.

Maybe I activated/deactivated another plugin by accident and this plugin is now causing the problem.

I have ray tracing enabled in the example because I wanted to test it. It looks like a ray tracing issue to me but this is just a guess.

I’m using the editor under Windows 10 64bit with NVIDIA 1660Ti (driver: 452.06 DCH)