4.26 Multiplayer Test Crash in Editor or PIE

Hi, followed your steps in 4.26 and didn’t experience a crash. So if there was a bug with the preview version it was fixed in the final 4.26 release.

Btw the preview versions should always be considered unstable and should only be used to find bugs and maybe test/try a new feature before the final release (so you should only use it on a copy of your working project and not use it for production, so when the final release comes out, don’t convert your preview version project to it but use your working project from the last version, in this case from 4.25).

To reproduce the crash is pretty straightforward… Create a new project using whatever template you want, I’m using the ThirdPerson for this explanation.
Create a custom Game Instance Blueprint and set it in the Project Settings as
Game Instance Class in “Project/Maps & Modes”.

Open you custom Game Instance blueprint and override the function “Init”, place whatever you want in this function, a simple node like Print String “Hello” for example.

To crash the editor just choose any “Number of Players” above 1 in the Play button and press it…

I’m not using a preview version… when you try to open a question here the only option for 4.26 is preview…

Ah ok, I followed your steps in both a completely blank project and the third person starter template but both times did not encounter any crash / error. Both times everything works fine and both server and client print the string from the print inside the Init function of the game instance. And I’m using windows 10.

Thanks for testing… after you first reply I’ve uninstalled unreal and now I’m downloading and installing again, just to make sure everything is fine with my installation… When it finishes I will update this post.

After Uninstall, Download and Install again, without plugins or anything else except pure Unreal, the crash still happens, tested the same thing in 4.25 and it works just fine.

Sorry no idea what causes your crash. You could try to file a bug report but since I don’t get this crash on my end, chances are the people at epic games won’t either and therefore there is a high chance that you won’t get any response. As far as I see it you could

(-) try to inherit from gameinstance in c++ (and then let the blueprint class inherit from this class) and create a new BlueprintImplemantableEvent (here you would do what you’re currently doing in the overridden Init function) and call that from where the Init function is called, therefore removing the need to inherit from the Init function in blueprints

(-) some other workaround to avoid to inherit from the Init function

(-) keep using 4.25 if you can’t find a workaround and can’t do without that functionality

and wait for someone who might know what causes your issue to answer

Tested the same thing in 3 other different machines (None of them used unreal before) and the same crash occurred. It’s definitely something in this version.

4.26.1 Solved it!