4.26 Materials with material functions withsame parameter names broke

Hey, I noticed an issue with our landscape material that seemed to receive only one (grass) landscape layer info (we have 8 + rocky wall thing). On further inspection it was not only about landscapes, it affected many other materials as well. I tried to look for info about it but as 4.26 issues are fairly new I had to debug it a bit on my own and this is what I found out:

If you have Material functions that have same parameter naming (Diffuse/Normal/Roughness/etc) it seems like the “first in line” will be used for the rest of them. In 4.25 every material function used different instance variable, but now they get merged in unexpected way. Even using the group does not fix the issue. We had to rename the parameters in each function to make it work, but that solution wouldn’t scale up.

Any other ways to fix this issue?

I wonder how we should go around that… If I use several material functions that have variables with the same name, they somehow get confused, but I have many material functions used in several materials so it’s hard to come up with a good naming for internal variables…

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