[4.26] Engine freezes when playing with MultiLineTrace for custom Trace Channel

I want to trace for a landscape and have problems doing so with the visibility trace as there can be some meshes blocking the visibility channel (stopping the multi line trace).

I then tried to introduce a custom Landscape trace channel to trace just for the landscape, having it configured with either default Ignore or default Overlap.

Both seem fine when clicking through my actors. The Landscape has BlockAll so it also blocks the new Landscape channel. The others seems to fallback to the default and only overlap / ignore.

Now when I play without doing anything further. It still runs fine.
When I play though with the line trace configured to the new channel, the PC ventilation turns up and the Engine freezes until I finally kill it through the Task Manager.

Is there something I might be doing wrong? Is there a workaround to achieve what I want to do?

Thanks in advance and cheers!

Okay, apparently object channels are much more performant than trace channels in this scenario. Nonetheless, I still got the engine to freeze SO apparently my way of tracing for landscapes was very imperformant too. Reducing the length of the trace let me run the game again.

STILL my question persists: Is there a better way of (frequently) tracing for the landscape surface at x/y in space in a somewhat performant manner?