4.26 Android Package APK file is so huge

I got an issue with the 4.26 Android APK package, my project has 70 megabytes but APK is hudge 273 megabytes.
Why it’s so huge for mobile in 4.26? Also sometimes i got crushes on Open Level node. All levels included in package, save data in APK and compressed package.

Same issue here - a 70mb APK on 4.25 is now over 230mb. OBB size is unchanged. This shouldn’t have hit production - how long until we have a fix? Anyone know how to even go about tracking this down? It’s crickets around the community on resolution.

I don’t know and i will stay on the 4.25 coz it’s stable and much less megabytes. I Hope Epics will fix that but for now, i don’t want to use huge apks and crushes on OpenLevel node…

Yeah, I’ve done a bunch of porting work with a custom engine build. So I’ll need to undo it all to redo later. There should be unit tests catching regressions like these - there’s really no excuse for them getting through.

So, I managed to somewhat track down the cause. There’s clearly things which have changed in the way gradle handles things between versions that impact this.

In the commit d22fb4bcce5925d29f36ba83e3c33e25055a5785 on 11/16/2020 at 3:15:33pm, the gradle version was changed on line 25 to 4.0.0 in Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealBuildTool/Platform/Android/UEDeployAndroid.cs

When building with this change in version, what gets linked into libUE4.so (and likely other aspects) is changed significantly. While it builds, it seems no testing was done for the impact on the rest of the process, as if you just go in to this file and change it back to 3.5.3 then you will get build sizes around what you had in 4.25.

I’m using a source build, but that file is in the packaged build in source form, so you should just be able to open it up and edit it to get things sorted while using 4.26 until it’s properly addressed.

Have same problem!!! When fix this, Epic? The worst thing is that Open Level is crashed game on mobile((((!!!

Same, huge APK. Unfortunately I`m forced to use Unity.


Vova and Nire, check post #5, I put up details to fix this there.

Huge Apk is not problem for me. Crashed when use Open level on android is huge problem for me!!!

Same issue here. APK size suddenly exploded in size. After inspecting the apk`s in Android Studio, the “libUE3.so” is clearly the main offender, so hopefully this will be fixed asap.

Before update :

After update :

Schmutza friend , please provide us solution for build size.

Hello everyone!
I’ve found a solution: open Config/DefaultEngine.ini and remove MinSDKVersion key in AndroidRuntimeSettings section. This solution may be the first step for further investigation, but it works

This works! I should also add that setting it to **21 **also works and it’s a better solution. Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks for flagging this!

We’ve identified and fixed the problem for 4.27.