Big android apk size even after applying downsizing solutions

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UPDATE: I have found that 4.26 version is quite not good and I either have to use a more stable 4.25 version (which doesn’t allow the levels to load because of unreal version downgrading) or looking at this link: 4.26 Android Package APK file is so huge - #12 by Umkerius looks like i need to use 4.27 . haven’t tried it, will post updates.

I am working on a very simple android game using Unreal 4.26. The game consists of a enclosed room (literally with nothing on it) and an object the player can throw. That is it.

The build apk size initially was abut 180 mb and so I followed the following links and applied those suggestions on the project.

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I’ve created a PakBlacklist-Shipping.txt file to ignore engine content as well. Here’s the text inside the file:
































I’ve also removed the starter content, removed all un-necessary & un-used files. The textures/images are of maximum 5kb size, I’ve also removed the one wav file I used and the lowest I can get is to the lowest of 54mb.

I am not sure what else I can do to make it lower. Can anyone point out what I’m doing wrong and what more I need to do to make it go lower?

I also found this Size of Android build so big in 4.26 - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums where it is said that 4.26’s cooked folder is bugged when compared to 4.25. Could this be it?

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