4.26.2 Head Transform with FABRIK causes protruding chest

I am developing a VR game with an Oculus Quest 2 on 4.26.2.

I followed the older UE tutorials and the VR Cookbook for creating my own VR character with a full body mesh. I hooked up FABRIK to my Head Transform with the Tip Bone as head and the Root Bone as spine_01.

For some reason when I move my head upwards, the characters chest and neck protrude forwards. Which causes any clothing to stretch with the character too. (Very ugly).

Disabling FABRIK fixes the problem but also causes the camera to lag behind the player. (Camera is not attached to head, it’s a child of the VROrigin)

Is there another way to properly attach the camera to the head to prevent this lag? I don’t really need FABRIK.

Update: Tried moving the camera from the VROrigin to the characters mesh and parented to the head…

Didnt work. Camera spun in circles and didnt want to try to work with it if idk what I’m exactly doing.

Anybody? I just need a push in the right direction here. Only thing I need to have my VR character work how I want.

This is what is happening when my character wears clothing. Shirt is a skeletal mesh attached to the main mesh. Notice the jagged edges and warping.

First pic is without FABRIK. 2nd pic is with FABRIK. Also causes same issue when using Two Bone IK. Head Transform is set to Z = 170. 160 causes it to slump forwards. No stretching enabled.

I thought that maybe its a problem with my mesh but I’m able to move the head without FABRIK and it doesnt do this. But the lag…

The fix was to disable FABRIK and make the mesh interpolate to the “HMD_Socket” location.