4.25 VR MODE - Touch Controller Buttons/Sticks Unresponsive

Trying to get VR Mode working.
Using Oculus Quest > Virtual Desktop > Steam VR > Steam VR plugin (oculus plugin diabled)
Touch controllers register correctly in in Steam VR.
Motion control works in VR Mode and VR Preview.
Buttons and stick do not register in UE4.

New to UE4, but assume this should be a simple remap.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

note: controllers DO work when using just oculus plugin, but want to use JUST steam vr and ditch wires.

Up, same problem here '(

ue4 is a ■■■■ (especially on Linux)

but in ue5 - everything is just fine!

free and open ALVR (+SteamVR) working like a charm

plus it is much faster than proprietary oculus air link :stuck_out_tongue: