4.25 SSR just reflects color in top left of screen?

Seem to have a weird graphics bug in 4.25 (was not present in 4.23) Screen capture - bc3c04834095a8ef765971a0c1861ede - Gyazo [video]https://gyazo.com/bc3c04834095a8ef765971a0c1861ede[/video]
The scenes reflections seems to be affected by the top-left pixel on the screen? (in gif I am moving the camera over a blue object in top left)
Disabling SSR stops the issue.
Anyone have any idea whats up?

Hmm, tried to replicate in a new project - does not happen, so I guess it is something to do with my games config, not yet sure what, Will keep investigating to see if I can find out.

Interesting… I’ve made a very simple minimal test project to help identify the cause of the issue

It seems this line in my ini causes the issue

Checking a bit more - it seems any AntiAliasing setting (including “None”) except for TAA causes the issue…

Thanks a lot!
This error was driving me nuts.
I would never have guessed AA

@Chekandino Glad to have helped!
I only found out the cause by reverting my rendering setting back to default bit-by-bit (kind of manual binary search, deleting/replacing half changed lines at a time)

more details on the issue can be found here: UE-93360 missing detail that reflection is colored by TL screen corner - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums