4.25 Quad Overdraw Not showing on masked materials.


It is my first time doing foliage however I cannot preview the quad overdraw optimization on my masked material as its somehow all blue. Besides, I was wondering for foliage, how could I make foliage fade in more neatly? I can faintly remember the old versions fading in the voliage but on my end when setting the cull distance, it just pops in very noticeable. Any advice would be awesome

As far as I know this is because the engine now decides automatically whether to perform an early depth pass on masked materials, and in my experience it pretty much always decides to do it (that or quad overdraw visualization just doesn’t take it into account). Regardless this has been posted about often, someone even went so far as to submit it as a bug and it got marked as a non-issue.

You can change it in the project settings, if you really want to.