4.25 Light building completely broken?

issue: Screenshot - 1306dcc49870b053171c773143dce5ae - Gyazo

So i tried lighting my scene with only a hdri and skylight but whenever I bake, it glows like crazy (white) for no reason. I have no clue whats going on. When you go in, it is completely white and blown out/glowing. I have no directional light in my scene like mentioned, just a skylight and hdri backdrop, which is the bp_lightstuido in the content examples. I feel like with every update ue4 is kinda breaking some other stuff. Please dont pull unity moves please. For instance grass was fading in before 4.24 just nicely now its popping in looking very unnatural. What is going on?

Any tips how to fix that issue? And no its not my exposure.

Another shot: Screenshot - 88208668ee5a0b020a21975219d0c46b - Gyazo

[Screenshot - 7df3b36bb443457ce5c0c5e73acd1003 - Gyazo

for some reason, preview lightbake works but still looks wrong and also too overlit for only some windows. No shadow is being casted like a overcast scene and lightbake is taking long even though i have high end specs. I dont know, with every unreal update i do something else breaks for some reason…](Screenshot - 7df3b36bb443457ce5c0c5e73acd1003 - Gyazo)

Is there Sky Atmosphere in the level? Some settings on it cause over-brightening at wrong values. Sorry, hazarding a guess based on an issue I just had in 4.24.2 with an empty scene using SunSky.

hey presto, no sun sky in level, default empty level.


If your HDRI is using a material instance it might only get the defaults. I have a pull request to fix it here:

All static switches are broken in lightmass in 4.25 and will pick the default path for material instances.

okay im beginning to really get irritated. This is a completely new scene and just thrown a basic material onto it with basic lightmass settings. This is what I get: Screenshot - ab6fa31173d96488821a9e73e62f86d7 - Gyazo i feel like with recent versions of ue4, doing some rendering stuff is a real hit or miss. I just dont know what is happening. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt… same issue, overblown and weird glow where light bake is supposed to be

It might be the volumetric lightmap settings. They’re at default in the screenshot, and with 100 indirect bounces and 50 skylight bounces (and perhaps other settings), it could be insufficient for VLM to be at defaults…thus why the glowing is occurring at corners and edges where light calculation is quickly changing.

Having the same issue now. Even on fresh Levels. Even if I open up my backup projects (where the lighting was 100% working as I saved) the lighting problem now occurs. @MadPolygon have you fixed that for you in any way? Thank you

i cannot remember, i am sorry. I just remember I did not find a solution…