4.25.4 SteamVR bindings, joystick not working


It’s been some time since I work on my VR project and I understand that the SteamVR input has been integrated into UE directly, so the plugin is no longer needed. Things seem to have changed though and my inputs all broke. When I go to my project’s Input settings, I added a bind for MoveForward to Valve Index (L) Thumstick Y and it’s not working. Other buttons seem to work fine including clicking the joystick. Does anyone know what could be wrong? When I go to the bindings dashboard in the UE SteamVR toolbar button and add a thumbstick binding there, there is nothing when I click on the “None” option next to Position. Shouldn’t I be seeing “MoveForward” there?

Try to add _Y postfix (MoveForward_Y)

Interesting, thank you for the pointer. I’ll be sure to report back if this works. It should likely also be added to UE’s documentation and I’ll figure out who to reach out to on that.

Have you found a way to import bindings? Or do you have to make for each project…