4.24: Sun & Sky

How can you change the clouds?
I can’t find any options to change them?

thanks a lot

Currently it doesn’t seem possible to use clouds and the new sun/sky simultaneously, because the clouds are bound to the (old) sky sphere, which in turn has a different sun (reference) and prevents the new sun from shining through. Indeed very strange. Until this is fixed, we will have to resort to using the old sun/sky…

It says how to use a skydome mesh with the new sky atmosphere towards the end of the sky atmosphere documentation page.

The new clouds material for the sky dome is some kind of noise algorithm which looks nice as it is, but it can’t be changed to simulate different seasons/weather conditions.

You can change the values in the material formula to increase speed,density,height etc., but it all looks too flat/unnatural. So we will have to stick to the old system for a while.
And there are problems if you go too far away from the origin or try to leave the atmosphere.

The old system doesn’t exactly look realistic either. If you are interested in realism, some sort of volumetric clouds is the best way to go. They still won’t light up properly though. You would have to manage the shading with a shading map of some sort.

there should be a few tutorials out there on how to replace the horrid skysphere into something with a slightly more controllable cloud cover.
in short. The process is this.

Get a better texture.
Get a masking texture from black to white with some randomly sprinkled spots.
pass the cloud texture in a lerp based on the masking texture. Add the new clouds on top of the old clouds.
The idea is that controlling the intensity of the masking texture will then control how many clouds show up in the sky.

If you go out of your way and take a nice HDR picture in a cloudy day, the result of doing this can become way better then the default and/or any volumetric cloud montage. Finding or taking the correct picture is then the hard part… or it wouldn’t be Art…