4.24 Replication/Networking Issues

Hi all. Has anyone else been having network/replication issues since switching engine versions to 4.24? I converted my project from 4.23 and so many features have been broken.

For example:

  • In PIE, client game now takes 10 seconds to load *(was around 1-2 secs in 4.23)
  • Sever jerky movement and rubberbanding on client controlled characters (fixed this by switching an RPC to Unreliable, but it was fine in 4.23).
  • Various other problems with replicated variables.

working on networked vehicle physics.

4.22 was fine.
4.23 rotation updates became problematic, pawn stops receiving rotation updates and deviate from server until vehicle crashes into a wall or timeout(somehow) after several seconds.
4.24 oops, positions are also a problem now, there is an offset between replicated positions and pawn/rigidbody locations, if you try to manually correct the position, it snaps back to the wrong location.

In PIE, client game now takes 10 seconds to load *(was around 1-2 secs in 4.23)

Same experience

I load four clients on a dedicated server in about five seconds on a decent PC (for 2018). I had jerky movement when I switched and there was heavy rubber banding.

Replying here mainly so that i can see any conversation.

Last week i moved my project from 4.23.x -> 4.24.x, i can’t say 100%, but i seem to have a 20% increase in latency (first impressions), no crazy dropped packets or anything though.
Will dig more over the next few weeks but i am a bit stumped on what would’ve caused it!

Not using replication graph yet, bog standard networking… (ipnetdrv)

Yes-- and it is killing me. I’m doing a VR sim and I send up the data from the motioncontrollers using non-reliable RPC’s (on tick) - I also awk back to that client that something was received. If no data arrives after some specified interval I send out a transform update via reliable rpc from the client to the server. The data is replicated to other clients via rep/notify. Was working great in 4.22. After the upgrade (10 days ago or so) I am seeing several problems:

  • the non-reliable RPC data works fine for awhile. AT one point I send out a bunch of reliable rpcs in a row. AFter that, the non-reliable rpc’s never get sent. It’s like the use of the reliable stream de-prioritized the non-reliable and it stays at zero priority even after the reliable stream of data is done.
  • replication of properties in general is slower. (it seems)

In absolute size, the total throughput of data I send is pretty small, so I don’t get why anything gets dropped.

Just curious if any fix was found or if anyone knows if moving my project to 4.25 will fix this since I can’t go backwards.

On 4.25.1, I am getting this too. The window opens pretty quick, but its actually up to 30s for the character to spawn. How do we go about debugging that sort of thing? Edit: sometimes the player fails to spawn as well, it just hangs

Also, lots of rubber banding on my clients, but I haven’t tested on lower engine versions so it might just be my code. Somebody above said the culprit might be reliable RPCs?