4.24 Groom Fur/Hair not working with VR

Hey all!

Working on trying to get UE4’s new hair and fur rendering to work with VR. I’m using an Oculus Rift S for my development, and unfortunately the hair only renders in one eye. I’ve tried it with ‘Instanced Stereo’ checked on and with it checked off…same result.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Did you find a solution? What graphic card and driver are you using? The latest AMD driver is having some issues with some games.
I haven’t tried the new hair system in VR yet. Hoping to next week. Did you make your own assets or did you find some samples available?

Tons of features don’t work with VR. Particles for instance don’t work until you turn off instanced rendering. SSGI works on only one eye, same for distance field meshes as of a month or so ago (4.23)

this hair will never work in VR. even on the epic games livestream they said don’t use this in ANY games… it is just to show the power of the engine. it is intended for virtual production movies NOT GAMES Sorry.

Is there any official position about this?
This would be a big deal for my project