4.24 Feature Highlights and Landscape Tools - December 5 - Live from HQ


4.24 is just around the corner and with it comes numerous tools and improved workflows to help you bring your vision to life. Nick Penwarden, our VP of Engineering, is joining us for a high level overview of this engine release. And, our Principal Technical Artist, Ryan Brucks, will demonstrate our new landscape tools. Check out the presentation Ryan did at Unreal Dev Days, and use the stream as an opportunity to ask your questions!

Thursday, December 5 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Nick Penwarden - VP of Engineering
Ryan Brucks - Principal Technical Artist - @ShaderBits](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Open World Preview and Landscape Tools


Looking forward to this presentation… :slight_smile:

Hope you cover the new hair plugin

Could you guy’s chatter about Virtual Texturing some more?
The new atmospheric sky

How do the new landscape tools relate to “World Composition”. or do they replace it?

what is the maximum size of worlds it will handle as opposed to World Composition?

How does it cope with Landscape LODs, and how are they set up. Especially in relation to joining edge-to-edge landscape tiles for LOD Transitions.

How does this work with Multiplayer

Cheers Epic, its nice to see the Landscape tools getting some real love these days.
But how about the holy grail: Dynamic Runtime Terrain / Planetary Landscapes
…Coming soon…

Or it won’t ever happen unless Fortnite needs it, or Epic acquires Outerra maybe? :wink:

Can the Landscape BP brush be exported to the height map for traditional sculpting?

i hope see something about “array textures” for the landscape material, some changes in Virtual Textures resolution, and some news about “Imposter Baker” of Ryan.

Personally I would like to see more on the New Audio Component. Perhaps more about the mic capture feature, with the ability to save the wav files for later playback.

The Audio Synesthesia beta would be awesome to get some coverage on. :slight_smile:

At one point (around 25 minute mark), Nick mentions something about “preparing” the texture streamer for streaming in textures for a camera skip. Anyone have any info on how we can do this?

I hope their is volumetric clouds and importing real terrain

This is great! Any idea if/when it’s coming to world composition? I tried in the 4.24.0 build and the layers seemed to not be a part of the UI in the landscape proxies

absolutely incredible … have no words to say …

hi maybe i found out some clue why custom brush - material only doesnt work immedieatelly after applying it to landscape layer … somehow it have something to do with another blueprint brush : custom brush - landscape … when you add material only one and after that you add landscape one and click on button “auto spline tangents” material only brush then starts to work immediately so its nothing to do with rendering in backgroud but i guess some event should be fired … hope it helps someone and maybe even to solve this bug …

Anyone know where the M_Skydome_Test_01 is?, Ryan said it was on the Github but I can’t find it on there, I just want the simple cloud material setup.

i try to use RVT in my landscape material, but i got 52000 compile shaders now. It this happened with you guys on Livestream? is that why we couldn’t see any texture on Virtual Texturing Map?