4.24.2 Lighting build failed Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3

Hi everyone.

Im a bit new to Unreal Engine and following the online courses. I have a fresh install of Unreal Engine and I just created a new project. New level, added DirectionalLight, a floor and a cube. They are all just from the standard basic materials. After that I get the message lighting needs to be rebuild. I selected Build Lighting Only from the Build menu and I get the message Lighting build failed.

I’ve created a new level same problem. I created a new project same level. My Mac is on the latest version. I’ve re-installed the engine same problem. I looked at the internet about the message and tried a couple of suggestions but none seems to work out fine.

Am I missing anything? Do I need to install other applications or codecs and stuffs? I Looked at the installation guide of Unreal Engine but its pretty straight forward. Are there any ports that needs to be opened to let this function?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

I can see you have had zero responses. This is a problem. Go to Unity, it works.

He/She might have :slight_smile: This is literally one year old.