4.23 - Stationary Sky Light's not rendering roughness properly with raytracing off

We’ve been relying on stationary Sky Lights for our dynamic lighting setup, but with 4.23 (and 4.23.1) their behavior is a bit unusual when ray tracing is disabled. The main issue is that r**oughness values above 0.29 cause objects to totally lose their reflections/ambient light. **

Is it trying to interpolate between a non-existent lightmap and the reflection capture? Is there a config setting I’m missing somewhere or an expectation that we’re not using this workflow? This worked flawlessly before ray tracing was added.

This is a bare bones scene with a Skylight + reflection capture, teal floor and an array of reflective spheres:

I’ve settled on using a combination of directional lights + movable skylights to get things back to normal but if anyone knows why roughness is affected this way I’m genuinely curious, as I want to make sure I’m not compromising our pipeline with my fix. Thanks!

After all that work to setup, why not go the extra 2 minutes and move to an empty project to upload/share in a bug report?
This certainly seems like a bug the way you are describing it.