[4.23] [Oculus Quest] Materials breaking / Colors inverted

Hello all,

I’ve been doing some development on the Quest for around a week now and I’ve encountered an issue I can’t seem to fix. I will preface this with saying, I have been able to test most of my side loads with no issue. I’m encountering this problem after working on a particular level for some time.


After launching a project, I’ll put on my headset to sometimes find almost every material broken. Colors inverted, normals sometimes flipped, etc. This happens as soon as the headset starts the activity and will persist for an indeterminate period of time. Sometimes it resolves itself if I remove the headset, let it rest, then resume the same application. Other times it continues until I restart the headset, or application.

Even stranger, the problem sometimes disappears if I create a new level with the same assets. Inevitably the issue will surface again, leaving the application in a state of pseudo-corruption.


  1. Restarting the headset, uninstall through adb shell, then sideloading again

  2. Uninstall, reinstall, and activity start all through adb

  3. Creating a new project with same configs

I can share my project settings, if need be. I can’t diagnose the problem correctly. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I’ve included screenshots of a sample level. One screenshot is from the headset, the other is from the standalone launched in the editor.