[4-23] Importing Meshes with Materials from Blender into Unreal Engine with prepared Base Material Instance?

Hey there!
I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine and worked with UnityEngine quite a few years now.
Currently I’m trying to import a handful of meshes (with ~ 100 materials) from Blender into my Unreal Engine Project.
In Blender, all meshes have prepared Materials (same setup, different textures and values).
In Unreal Engine, I’ve prepared a Material which the imported Materials should use to create own instances with already correctly setup textures.
Is this possible? If yes, how to get it to work?

This is the Material I prepared in Unreal Engine (quite simple for now):

Now when I import my Meshes, I want Unreal Engine to create Material Instances based on the Material I prepared and “automatically” link the Textures to each corresponding slot for each instanced Material.

Is this possible?
If yes, could you explain how (maybe with a short video clip)?

Tried to accomplish this for a few hours now without luck :confused: Maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

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