4.23 - Exposure Change?

After updating to 4.23 I am running into some exposure issues when starting the PLAY mode.:rolleyes:

What am I missing here?

Thanks for any help,
appreciate it!

Something I’ve noticed is since 4.23 lighting behaviour has been changing and that both sky light and directional lighting are by default casts shadows. This is strange as both are considered GL type lighting elements and if using both the ability of the sky light to cast shadows should be turned off. Try turning off cast shadows on the sky light and see what happens

it is… something is fishy here… I also noticed that it changes when you create the HDRI after the Sun/Sky or the other way around.
It looks like both systems are counter-fighting each other. But I guess it makes sense, considering that Unreal included for each system (Sun/Sky) and the HDRI it’s own Skylight.

Hmmm… I wonder how the new exposure settings in 4.25 will impact both of the systems… I can imagine… it will be huge…