4.23 Baking Locking up Editor?

Anyone else running into this? When baking the lighting in 4.23 Unreal Engine locks up during the Swarm Process? Most of the time it comes back when Lightmass finishes baking, but not always.

I haven’t found any particular cause aside from just being a 4.23 issue and I’m curious what others may have seen.

Lightmass is using a lot of the CPU, the performance outside of that will drop during that time

To clarify - I’ve been using UE4 since it released years ago. 4.22 versions of the scenes don’t have this issue - sends it to swarm and I can still work within the editor. 4.23 sends to swarm, but the editor is frozen with a progress-bar that typically finishes being stuck on screen (hopefully only) until Swarm / Lightmass finishes. It looks like I avoid the problem by choosing to just build the lights only (vs the general Build button I typically use).

I get this too. Can’t use 4.23 at all during a bake.

Did you update the project @RED_X_Strike from 4.22?

So I’ve been seeing this issue crop up more and more. A work-around seems to be choosing ‘Build Lighting Only’ in the Build drop-down. That works for me, instead of the normal ‘Build’ button.