4.21 Sequencer

Hi All,
I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, actually if I am doing something wrong. I have setup 4 separate camera animations each with there own level sequence. I created a final level sequence to hold all for the animations in. But for some reason I cannot get my view port to play the sequencer. I also notice that all the shots in the final sequencer are showing the same camera images,even though they are camera1 camera2 camera3 etc… which is weird.

Enclosed is a screen grab showing the view port, final sequencer and all the other sequences.

What I am missing?


From a theory it looks you do all correct. It’s hard to find the problem from the screenshot here. Just make sure you watch through the “shots” cam, meaning clicking on the little camera symbol at the right side of the shots track (which is here highlighted in orange). The preview of the shots can be a bit buggy sometimes, but if you double clikc on the shots and they display the correct camera animation you have basically done everything correct. Otherwise it’s hard to say more just with this screenshot.

I forgot to mention that in my initial post, but yes I did hit the + next to the camera icon to look through it. Its strange…also the cameras in the overall sequencer are labeled correctly IE camera 01 camera 02 etc etc but they all show the same image. Usually they do not do that.