[4.19] Product Viewer template - how to change materials of objects, make popup UMGs or HUD ?!

Hello guys,
I’ve been working with the 4.19 Unreal Studio - Product Viewer template and recently i would like to make some modifications to the blueprint in the matter of “interaction with objects”
I want to make the object popus menus or UMG instead of picking the object up and moving, rotating it.
also i want to change the material of the highlighted object.
is this possible to do using the default product viewer template which comes with the UE 4.19 ?
i’ve noticed that one hand (in the VR Controllers) is having a laser, maybe it’s a line trace or something that may interact or be reprogrammed to make my desired functions.
I’ve been doing a lot of research and digging to find a suitable tutorial or documentation to make any object intractable in another ways than just picking it up but i didn’t find any.

Could someone please help me with some ideas :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.