4.19 hitching and stuttering fix


This is a known issue and it is really serious for us. Does anyone have a fix for this or know how to get rid of the stuttering / hitching with 4.19 in the editor and in shipping builds? We can’t release our game in this state and we are really concerned. Going back to 4.18 will undo a large amount of items and we will miss our release window.

Thanks for any help with this.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to pinpoint the change, that introduced it. Can’t afford investing more time into search and would join in welcoming a pointer to the cause.

Yes. Turning off frame rate smoothing fixed it for us.

Engine >> General Settings >> Smooth Frame Rate (false)

Noticed that:

  • it only happens on some systems (happened on an ATI test system for us)
  • googling around it is theorized to be a conflict between FPS smoothing and VSync

Where excactley do you turn off frame smoothing

Go to Project Settings, type in the top search field “Framerate” and the setting will be listed (default is checked).

I believe I’m having this issue under extremely specific situations with 4.24 of unreal. Mostly when I have 10k to 300k HISM’s going on I get a small hitch every 30-60 seconds. I’ll report back if the smoothing is causing the issue since I do have it enabled.

Same problem here,re installed the engine,but problems occurred on 4.24 and 4.25