4.19 - EXR Image Sequence crashes UE4

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We’re trying to emulate The Mill’s real-time “The Human Race” film and one of the first things i’m trying to do is get an HD (1920x1080) 16bit EXR sequence to be read into UE4. I have made several different sequences with different compression settings and all of them crash the editor after less than a second of playback (Image Sequence reader via MediaPlayer)

I can see it buffering up and see a few frames before the whole editor is brought down.

Is it a known bug ?

Tested the new Hotfix 4.19.1 today and the same crash occurs.


Matt Hermans
Electric Lens Co.

I’ve discovered that Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 puts out ‘crashable’ EXRs. Exporting them from Nuke works fine so that’s the work around.

Matt Hermans
Electric Lens Co.

Yea, EXRs coming from After Effects or Encoder simply crashes. From Nuke they work but as soon as I tried to go over 2k Unreal started crashing again using EXRs from Nuke.

What are the limitations?

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