4.19 experimental Material Layer Blend doesn't support Normalize/Transform Vector nodes?

I had a rock-moss blending relying on rock normal map (normal map->tangent to vector->normalize->dot product), which worked pre 4.19 and in 4.19’s material editor preview, however when you plug blend asset for blending materials, whole mesh gets default grid material + error message. I might be doing something wrong, so I wanted to ask before filling out it as bug.

Error message: “[SM5] Function MB_mosstop_2: (Node Transform) Invalid node used in vertex/hull/domain shader input!”


Reproduction steps:

1). Make Material Layer Blend

2). Paste from Material Layer Blend not supporting some nodes posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4 and plug output to BlendMaterialAttributes alpha input

3). Assign MLB for blending in material instance

Should stop shader working, resulting in default grid material on mesh. If you bypass Normalize/Tangent to World with plugging first lerp output directly to dot, shader recompiles and shows, except blending isn’t looking as intended without those 2 bypassed nodes.