4.19 Breaks all textures on 2014 but not 2015 iMac

All my textures are broken with “emitting too many errors” in them. They are all drop dead simple with just variables for the standard texture type. What do I do to fix this or is it a bug?

Am I the only one with this problem?

So on my 2015 iMac at work everything works fine but at home on my 2014 iMac it throws up all the errors. I believe its something with Metal and the shader model 5 thingy but don’t know enough to have any idea what the problem would be. Everything works fine in 4.18.3 but 4.19 must have something turned on in the shader that my a bit older mac doesn’t like???

Help please. I guess I will just work on my 4.18 version in the meantime.

So I can start a brand new project. Make a texture and have the exact same problem of like 60 errors in the texture. Anyone here having this issue???

So I can start a brand new project and add one material and have the same 60 or so errors…

4.19.1 fixes the issue