4.18 Lighting issue

Changed my project to 4.18 today and built lighting. Now I have a weird glitch of light going down stripes in the center of my landscape. Any ideas of what could cause this?

Here is a more zoomed out pic of the landscape…

  • Disable r.GenerateLandscapeGIData by default, opt-in for kite demo. Projects that want to use heightfield GI need to opt-in to r.GenerateLandscapeGIData.

i see this in 4.18 released note

Also, it says you still need to build lighting.

It says I need to build lighting for the streaming levels I did not build… it isnt in relation to that streak of light. Also I am a bit confused at what you are telling me.

Are you saying I should disable generate landscape GI Data? Because it is already disabled. Also I did try enabling it. No change.

So not sure what caused this and how to fix it but I came to find that the streak was only happening on z axis that my landscapes were sitting so I just grabbed every actor in the game and raised it about 100 Z and now its gone… Still not really a resolution but its working for me.