4.17 Window Mirror Mode Issue Help Plz


Just upgraded to 4.17. By default, somehow unreal sets my vive to use WindowMirrorMode=1 and i change it in:

project folder -> Saved -> Config -> Windows -> Engine.ini

by adding


I have added this in 4.15 and 4.16 and its not working in 4.17. Did it change where i need to put this or anything that someone knows of? Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey. The commands have changed a bit because now you can set a spectator screen if you want instead of only being able to see through your eyes.


Running a console command or Blueprint you can set vr.SpectatorScreenMode to the one you want from the document. I think number 5 is what you are after.

I’m not sure what the exact way to use that in the .ini is though (maybe vr.SpectatorScreenMode=5), but you can probably work it out.

I haven’t worked out how to go fullscreen since 4.17 though.

Thanks so much! vr.SpectatorScreenMode=2 as a console command gets me parity with what i had before. The values in my engine.ini file are getting reset when i launch the editor so i’m a bit hosed. Something definitely feels whack when i compare this to past versions.

Not sure how to proceed, if i cant make headway, i’m going back to 4.16.

I guess I can throw this guy into my blueprint instead:

spectator mode.PNG

Using set spectator screen mode off event begin play did the trick. Thanks again formatt!

I don’t want to create a new topic about the similar thing, but can you please explain how to use new 4.17 Spectator screen?
I have regular VR game, with some basic interactions, I looking for the way to use second motion controller as Virtual camera, I want to attach something to the second controller and walk around VR-guy (person who currently playing VR game) and whatever I walk around him my Desktop Monitor sees my controller as Camera.
I assume this is how it supposed to work?
Or maybe there is a way to spawn the second player with a camera and just play regular FirstPersonGame and see what is VR-guy doing? Maybe some simple example would help with regular VR template?

Great! It helped alot, thx!