4.17 Seems to crash... a lot...

Not sure if this is just me, but since switching to 4.17, it seems to have the highest crash rate for seemingly normal things - saving levels, using Ctrl+z, opening and closing menus.

I’m sure there’s a more appropriate place to note this - but just curious if 4.17 happens to be much more unstable than 4.16.

Doesn’t crash for me. You should send reports using the crash reporter though so they get fixed.

how many items have you got loading in your map. Are you making small maps or big maps?

I, just yesterday had to downgrade my project back to 4.16.3 (thank god for daily backups) was getting crashes about every half hour doing extremely mundane things. For me personally 4.17 is a no go.

What landscape are you using in the level? Are you using any big landscapes?

Dont know about OP but for me it was a relatively empty, test maps, with just the character in it.

Does the particle Emitter Menu window crash when trying to save it or edit the values? with me the engine was lagging terrible until I
had to drop the all polys down on my landscape, then it came right, and i have no more lag and all that hard drive activity I used to have
when trying to move the camera around in the editor… So I stopped putting in big mountain terrains into my maps.