4.17 c++ > blueprint bug

Ive found that when working with blueprint and C++ there is a bug that can result in “Empty Details” in blueprint. After compile the blueprint, and start play the component(s) cannot be found and result in a error.

I think this comes because the blueprint is looking for specific settings of a component that does not exist anymore or is changed.
For example i have my custom c++ character and movement component. The blueprint alters these components. For some reason when i restarted the editor the details tab of the movementcomponent was gone.

I reparented the BP to pawn, and reparented it back to MyCharacter.

Then, when i would compile (without setting the correct AnimBP on the mesh) the details tab of “Mesh” was gone. However right after reparenting setting the AnimBP solved it and the errors were gone.

Note that this also occurs on the vanilla Character .