4.16 Preview - May 18th - Recorded at Epic HQ


4.16’s release is right around the corner and that means it’s time to preview what you can expect to see in this new update! Engine developers Lina, Josh and Ori will be joining us to discuss what features you can look forward to and why they were implemented. There is a ton to talk about and a lot of different areas of the engine that have been updated, so everyone will want to tune in for this one!

We’ll be on a tight schedule for this one, so we won’t be taking questions on the stream, but feel free to ask here anyway and we’ll see about getting you answers.

Thursday, May 18th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]

UPDATE: The stream has been moved back by a week due to some conflicts in the video room remodeling scheduling. We are not streaming on the 11th.


Ori Cohen - Programmer, Engine - OriCohen139
Lina Halper - Sr. Engineer, Animation - Nikolobin
Josh Adams - Lead Programmer, Platform - joshbadams
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](

My One And Only Question Is…

Any progress on this, I sent in several crash reports using 4.15.2 and the new NVidia driver. the reason I am now hell bent on getting this fixed is because windows 10 freaking made me update "forced updates’ you know to the creator edition Windows 10 Tips & Tricks: How to Use the Latest Features | Microsoft which now cause my 4.13.2 to suffer from this Microsoft Creators Update breaking UE 4.13 - UE4 AnswerHub

So its to the point now that I am screwed cant use 4.13.2 nor 4.14+, so I guess its now game over till you guys sort out the issue with Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-42280)

So how about it whats the progress since you all got that new stuff from NVidia talked about here


Wow! We need a Bigger Couch! lol

  • nice tho’ - very nice :wink:

Throw in Zak too. I want to see that awesome hair. :smiley:

Hey everyone,

Sorry, but there were some issues with us getting the livestream room today, but the 4.16 Preview stream will be on next Thursday.

awww… that’s just sad… hate to hear that… luv the streams, especially the preview streams

so no stream at all today then? [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

Yeah, no stream today, sorry. The plus side is now Mike Fricker is looking like he can join us this time.

ya know, I was wondering why Mike wasn’t in the line up.

glad to hear he’ll be joining the stream. Looking forward to it!

Ok, so some bad news, there are more things going on in the stream room on Thursday again. I am going to work with the team today to get a recorded video out for it, so at the very least we’ll have the stream still, but it won’t be really live :frowning: We’ll still try to follow up with questions here.

Well, as long as important stuff is covered and 4.16 release isn’t delayed - I can live with pre-recorded stream :wink:

Alright cool, then everything will be just fine :wink:

Trust that I am still excite, very much.


[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

I know there’s lots of new cool things in 4.16 but can you please make sure you guys go over a basic setup for volumetric lights?

I kind’ve have it working in a test project but it’s very trial and error and I’m not really sure if it’s right or what the actual limitations of the implementation are thus far.

[Question] Is the new fog something that can be used in VR or is it too demanding? Can it be rendered at a lower resolution, like transparent geometry?
[Question] Will we be able to asynchronously load maps with the new Asset Manager?

Yes, for sure, but this is the overview stream and we won’t be getting into depth with anything in particular. Later on we’ll be doing a stream with Daniel Wright to cover how to create the volumes and tune their settings. It’s scheduled to be the next thing to cover for 4.16 as a Thursday stream.

[Question] Can you show a very quick example of 1) Vertex & Texture Painting on Skeletal Meshes, 2) usage of Epic’s new control rig?
[Question] Can you provide more info on the character customization system shown in the GDC talk – I didn’t find much about it after the presentation.

Thank you!

4.16 Preview stream woot! Alex just kick the people out of the room, problem solved… unless they are working on Niagara… :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward too it. :slight_smile:

Is this still on, everytime i click on the countdown, the hours count up…now it says 5hrs.?