[4.16] Landscape Blend Bug HTML5


I have found a bug concerning landscape material blending when exporting to HTML, works fine on windows. I have managed to reproduce this twice. I have another landscape material related issue here: [4.16] HTML5 - Landscape Material - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums if any dev wouldn’t mind taking a look too.

Download project and html export: Dropbox - File Deleted




Landscape material:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make 4 textures: red, blue, yellow and green 1024x1024, save as JPG
  2. Make a new project with third person template with no starter content
  3. Make a new empty map
  4. Make a landscape of any size
  5. Make a material with a landscape layer blend with 4 elements and a landscape coordinates node, hook layer blend into base colour
  6. Import textures and assign them to the appropriate landscape layer blend elements
  7. Assign landscape material to landscape
  8. Paint landscape with every colour after making weighted-blended layers for each
  9. Place player start in the level
  10. Drag in directional light and build lighting
  11. Set new level as startup level and save project and map
  12. Export to html and run

Hey Conno,

For your LandscapeLayerBlend, try using an AlphaBlend type to see if you get better results. I tried this on my end and I didn’t run into any blending errors when deploying to HTML5.

Have a great day