4.15 Preview - Jan. 26th - Live from Epic HQ


4.15 Preview 1 is now available on the launcher! That means it’s time break out the notes and talk about all the hot new features and fixes coming to the new build. Michael Noland is joining us for the stream to give us a developer’s explanation of the updates. Remember this is a preview build and is not stable, so please don’t upgrade your projects into it yet, but check it out and let us know your feedback. Let us know if you have any questions here!

Thursday, January 26th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](
Michael Noland - Technical Lead - @joatski](

Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer everyone’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!

EDIT: Nick was unable to make it due to last min schedule conflicts. Michael Noland will be joining us instead :slight_smile:


Not being snarky, but will this new version be faster on less powerful computers? It seems each new version has great cool stuff, but it takes more and more power to use it. Any optimization planed in this version or future releases?

My system is preparing for a nice upgrade ( long overdue) so I won’t know for a month or so, but what rig do you have, what kind of game are you doing and where are you seeing slowdowns ?

Do I have to wait till tomorow to know what is this?

Will there be a guide on how to replace precompiled headers from plugins?

I think a GREAT feature would be the ability to add loading screens, and video cutscenes to a game in BP, something like:

On BeginPlay > Play Video.

You know? I know I’d definitely benefit from this!

EDIT: It would be great for adding skippable/non-skippable intros too!

Small update. Nick was unable to make it, but Mike is joining us!

Please can we have a niagara update?

Oh and an update on the status of Paper2d would be great too thanks :slight_smile:

It is more of a general statement. I have an old Toshiba laptop running Windows 10. It can take 5 minutes to just load up and get started. Lighting can take 30 minutes or more to build. I realize there is a lot of calculations and memory and CPU needed, but it seems when new features are added, that adds to the memory consuption, CPU usage, and overall slowness. I am sure there are probably ways to optimize the internal workings of the tool to make it more efficient, faster, and less resource intensive. Companies often do not take performance into consideration until they have too. It is all about features, and more features, until the house of cards comes crashing down and their products grind to a hault. Just something to discuss in your team meetings. Performance and resource utilization should play some role in deciding upgrade plans too.

Is there going to be any multiplayer upgrades? There are very few things integrated/exposed to blueprints with regards to getting information from the server.

Better save game functionality and a NATIVE way to encrypt/decrypt user save data, I believe, is something that definitely needs addressing whether in 4.15 or 4.16!

Finally hope that they fix the “Quaternion-bug” which causes the camera to flip to a negative value if it reaches 180 degrees in the sequencer. For example >179.99 degrees = -180 degrees. Yeah, you get my point.

Temporary fix: Manually assign a higher value to the transform matrix on the selected keyframe. Find and adjust easier which axis is flipping out with help of the curve editor view. Maybe it helped someone.

I have other problem with something like that in the camera shakes when the camera can go to far angles…

How is the bug manifesting itself? It being a negative value in itself shouldn’t cause a problem as in rotation -180 degrees is the same as +180 degrees. Are you getting gimbal lock when this happens, or is it causing lerping errors?

We were the only team at Riga, Latvia GGJ to use UE4. Here’s out game:

It’s a 4 player multiplayer submarine game, where you have to search for treasure avoid (or shoot with torpedo’s) other players and bring your treasure to your base for gold. (well, that was the idea, but some stuff might not be working, oops)

Just watched this stream and have a few questions:

  • Do you plan to add support for steering wheels and such for Android, and not just Windows ?
  • Any plans for in-depth Gameplay Tags tutorial / training session ?

+1 this, also PhAT merge into Persona